How does Skully Care work?


How do I measure with Skully Care?


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When will I receive my measurement?

Every measurement is double-checked by one of our specialists to make sure no errors occur. With a Professional/`Solist subscription, you receive measurements within 5 minutes on working days. With a Free/Basic subscription, you receive measurements within 2 working days.

Why is my photo incorrect?


I've forgotten my passcode.

No problem. Keep entering a wrong passcode into the app until your account is blocked. Contact us at and we'll be able to unlock your account and let you set a new passcode.

How do I share the app with parents?

Why do I need a Toolkit?

Why do I need to give my phone number?

Do I need a subscription to use Skully Care?

What subscriptions are available?

Can I order the Toolkit separately?

Yes, this is possible on request. Contact us at to do so.

Is Skully Care reliable and valid?

What payment methods do you accept?

How do I change my subscription?

Contact us at or use our contact form here.