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Welcome to the Skully Care Knowledge Base. Visit our FAQ page for the most frequently asked questions about Skully Care, the app and your subscription. Visit our Academy for past Webinars, articles and everything we know about Plagio- and Brachycephaly.


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How does Skully Care work?
How do I measure with Skully Care?
Why is my photo incorrect?
How do I share the app with parents?
When will I receive my measurement?
I've forgotten my passcode.
Why do I need a Toolkit?
Why do I need to give my phone number?
Do I need a subscription to use Skully Care?
What are the subscriptions available?
Can I order the Toolkit separately?
Is Skully Care reliable and valid?
What payment methods do you accept?
How do I change my subscription?
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For information about Plagio- and Brachycephaly, the CI and CVAI method, treatment exercises, and past webinars
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Explaining CVAI and CI

Exercises for Right Preferred Position

Exercises for Left Preferred Position

Exercises for Brachycephalie

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Prevention: flat-head syndrome and a preferred sleeping position (NCJ)

Treatment: flat-head syndrome and a preferred sleeping position (NCJ)

How does plagiocephaly happen?

Explaining CVAI and CI